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Schaff HDV2 Drive Technology is derived from Our Labs for Flash Lights. The Main Features are :

  1. Superior Thermal Management System ensuring Longer Life for Electronic Components
  2. Our Heat Sink Design Ensures 100000 Hours of Trouble free Working of LED
  3. Our Drive Housing Design is designed to Absorb Shocks and other Impacts on a fall or Impact
  4. Our Drive Technology Incorporates State Of the Art Battery Management System including Display of Charging and Fully Charged Status through Led Displayed On the Operating Switch
  5. Our Drive Delivers Best In Class Light Out Put for a given Reflector and Led Wattage
  6. Schaff Linear Drive System Ensures Constant Light Out Put through the Discharge Cycle of the Battery.
Most of the Flash Lights In the Market begins to Dim Down / reduction in Light Intensity as the battery keeps getting Discharged. This results in an ineffective Light Out Put.
Schaff Linear Drive Ensures that the Flash Light has an Uniform Light Out Put till the end of the Battery Charge

Technology Show Case